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Frequently Asked Dental Questions – Grove City, OH

Ask Your Grove City Dentist

A big reason we like to slow things down and take our time with our patients is because it allows them to ask questions. By educating people, we empower them to take better care of their own and their family’s oral health, which is our ultimate goal! To that end, you’re always welcome to give us a call with dental-related questions, and below, we’ve gone ahead and answered some of our most popular ones.

How often should I visit the dentist?

At minimum, everyone should get a checkup and cleaning from a dentist at least twice a year. For certain patients (like those with gum disease), more frequent visits may be necessary, but we can let you know what would be best for you after your first appointment.

When can my child start going to the dentist?

It’s wise to schedule your child’s very first dental appointment as soon as their first tooth appears above the gum line. This way, we can make sure that their growing smile is starting on the right foot. Of course, we’re happy to treat children of all ages, so the youngest members of your family are always welcome here.

How long will it take to fix my tooth?

This answer depends on the type and extent of the damage to the tooth, but in most cases, we can take care of it in just one appointment. Minor cavities can be quickly fixed with a tooth-colored filling, and we can even provide crowns using iTero to fully restore a severely broken or decayed tooth.

Are root canals painful?

Thankfully, this is just a myth. Most patients describe feeling practically nothing while getting a root canal at Park Street Dental of Grove City. The reason this procedure has garnered such a negative reputation is because it is often used to treat the worst toothaches, so this pain has been falsely connected to the method of stopping it.

Will you take my dental insurance?

Most likely yes. Park Street Dental of Grove City is in-network with multiple popular providers, and we’re happy to accept virtually all PPO plans. Just give us a call with your policy information handy, and we can let you know how we can use your coverage at your upcoming appointment.

I don’t have dental insurance. How else can I save on my care?

You can break up your out-of-pocket costs with little-to-no interest CareCredit financing, or you can sign up for our In-House Dental Plan. For a low monthly fee, it will cover your basic preventive care and allow you to save on many other procedures you might need. To learn more about either of these options, visit our page about Dental Insurance.